Help Sweden show the world that a more fair, sustainable and democratic monetary system is possible!

We have a unique opportunity in Sweden to be one of the first countries to implement a CBDC (Central Bank Issued Digital Currency) available to the general public and show the rest of the world that a more fair, sustainable and democratic monetary system is possible.

Sweden is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to CBDC. The physical cash is declining rapidly and soon we will have only privately issued money. Something needs to be done. We have a progressive central bank that has published two interesting and positive reports about CBDC and are pushing for a CBDC. Sweden is a small scale economy with a well working democracy, very transparent institutions and a low level of corruption and would be optimal for introducing a new paradigm in money and banking.

Unfortunately, our central bank has been heavily criticized for their project about CBDC from the Swedish bankers’ association. It is very important that Positiva Pengar continues with education and lobbying, to make our politicians understand what really is at stake here. We need to produce more material, videos, articles, campaigns, conferences, meetings, and mobilize people and our politicians to act now. But we cannot continue without your help! We need stable finances to build a strong movement and continue our work.

Positiva Pengar is a non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group, working to spread knowledge about how money is created, to highlight the negative consequences of private money creation, and lobbying for a monetary reform where CBDC is a first step towards a fair, sustainable, and democratic economy. We are rapidly expanding. More and more people become involved in our movement. We have published a report together with the think tank Katalys, received a lot of media attention, and published our articles in the biggest newspapers.

Thanks to previous donations we have come this far. Now, we need you to keep the momentum up with more seminars, campaigns and activities. Help us to make Sweden one of the first countries in the world with a CBDC! If Sweden leads the way, others may come after. CBDC in Sweden would be a great progress for all, a first step towards a new paradigm in money and banking in the whole world.

The banks are powerful and are lobbying hard against us. To do succeed, we need your help. Together we can be stronger than the banks. We can arrange more campaigns, seminars, conferences, and write articles to influence the public debate and make our politicians to implement CBDC. If you and everyone else that read this contribute with 10€ /month, that would sum up to a large amount, which would give us powerful financial muscles to really break through the media noise and challenge the banks. Together we can make a more sustainable monetary system a reality. Please, become a monthly donor now!